"Traka is currently under-going a highly busy period which required extra-ordinary tasks to cope with demand. This has been acknowledged by my manager who constantly supports me and thanks me daily for my co-operation."

What first attracted you to work at Traka?
There were a number of factors that attracted me to apply for the position at Traka. Starting right off from the beginning, my initial impressions of the company were great. The recruitment stage was seamless and being immediately involved with the person I was going to work with was positive (at the time Steve Bumphrey). Also, being able to meet the managing director on the second stage of the interview and share my presentation on Traka’s competitors, I felt the team took on my feedback constructively and allowed me to get a feel of Traka’s friendly, family-like culture. Secondly, it was the graduate programme and the role itself that attracted me to Traka. Knowing I was going to be involved in various parts of the business was appealing, as I wanted to get as much commercial experience as possible. Knowing I was going to be undergoing a 3-month international placement made it very easy to accept the offer as this was highly appealing! The other area that made me want to join Traka was knowing that I was representing a successful / growing product. I knew that being in this cycle would bring additional responsibilities, which would ultimately enhance my commercial acumen, I was not wrong.
What do you like most about working at Traka?
There are also a number of factors that make my love working for Traka. Number 1, is the support from my manager. Working in a nurturing environment where I am constantly being challenged, yet supported by my manager is very positive! This in addition to work with great colleagues and in an expanding industry, is a perfect combination! I often describe to my outside-of-work friends / family as coming to work at Traka like ‘seeing friends & family’.
Tell us about the best part of your role at Traka?
What I enjoy the most about my role is that it requires a high degree of commercial awareness and it is internationally focused. This allows me to use a combination of my language skills and developing my skills around managing product strategy.
How would you rate your work-life balance?
Although there’s been times where my work was carried outside of the standard 8.30-5, most of my hours are done within this period and I get to pursue my outside of work hobbies. When there were times were I needed flexibility (i.e. work from home or needed to leave early/start late) management has always been understanding. This is one of the best environments I’ve worked in.
What motivates you to go above and beyond at work?
Seeing the result of my personal actions making a difference in the products success. Additionally, working to make my international colleagues lives easier, is something I’m motivated by.
What's your most recent accomplishment at work?
Acquiring new case studies for Traka21 to help raise the brand’s awareness. In addition to this, I’ve built new relationships with distributors who are now selling Traka21. Furthermore, I’m also project managing Traka21’s new commercial video.
Do you believe we give authentic recognition in the workplace?
Speaking from a personal perspective, yes. Traka21 is currently under-going a highly busy period which required extra-ordinary tasks to cope with demand. This has been acknowledged by my manager who constantly supports me and thanks me daily for my co-operation. I feel like my work is appreciated.
Do you think that Traka offer adequate opportunities for promotions and career development?
Although often limited to specific roles (mostly engineering), there are opportunities opening constantly at Traka. However, being part of ASSA ABLOY, there are roles often available (both domestic & international). This is good in my opinion as it gives those an opportunity if they’re willing to relocate.
How would you describe the culture at Traka?
The ‘family-feel’ around the office! Colleagues are nice, management is supportive and we get things done when hard work comes knocking. Every colleague treats everyone equally, respectfully and are always looking to help.  Personally, I find this to be one of the best environments I’ve worked in.
Would you recommend Traka as an employer?
I would! Excellent working environment, supportive colleagues and brilliant life-work balance. Your hard work gets recognised.