Adam Crombleholme

Service Desk Analyst

"I go home at the end of the day feeling like I have accomplished something, made a difference. It improves my overall mood at home and at work."

Adam joined Traka in January 2019 as a Service Desk Analyst, a part of our revamped IT department, and he felt the role would be ideal for him, a hands on IT job, unlike previous roles where he was in an IT call centre. Adam wanted to be more involved, and that is exactly what he got...

I love working at Traka. Everyone is friendly and it feels like a flat team structure, everyone seems just as important to the business as the MD or Finance Director. To be honest, it’s not something I am used to in a workplace, and I love that about it.

But it isn't just the role that attracted Adam to Traka, it’s the respect everyone has for each other. Adam no longer feels like he's dragging through the day like previous roles, it’s just extremely enjoyable to be here...

I just like the fact I am getting more hands on with IT equipment, repairing hardware, setting up new systems, trialing new potential systems for the company. I just like how involved I am in the overall IT infrastructure of the business

As with many people, an equal balance between work and social life is important to Adam, and he now goes home at the end of the day feeling like he has have accomplished something, made a difference..

It improves my overall mood at home and at work. End of the day, I still feel awake enough to go out and see friends who also work in IT and all of them are jealous of what I do in comparison to them. I actually seeing the people I am helping, I feel like it is the right thing to do. Give people what they want, and if I cannot, find them the best alternative.

Even after only being with Traka for a short time, Adam was assisting the R&D department with their purchases of CAD spec laptops, which had previously proved problematic. He was able to find a solution, and now all new systems in R&D work perfectly as they should, and the company recognised him for his efforts...

People in Traka understand that without IT there would be no functioning business. So we really are treated with a lot of respect. I’ve never known a company to focus so much on staff development as Traka. To say it’s impressive is an understatement. The respect, no matter what department you are in, everyone knows each other, everyone is equal, I love that about Traka. I have many friends who are interested in joining Traka. I would recommend it anyone.