Both in Traka and in ASSA ABLOY culture and values are important.

“People make it all happen”

We all want to do things that we know are worthwhile, and have really positive outcomes for our clients, colleagues, and ourselves and even our society. From the start Traka has been a team, and has a ‘family’ feel about it. Talented as individuals, but all working together accepting our differences and knowing that it takes all sorts to be successful.

We trust each other to get on with what we’re good at and support each other when it gets tough. We value that people are striving to go the extra mile and innovate, and we value integrity – doing what’s right, in the right way. That goes from how we treat each other to our approach to the job and environment.

Ultimately it is all about people – and knowing we each play a big part in the success story of Traka.