Locker System Personnel Deposit Locker

Traka’s unique locker systems can also be offered as a simple standalone solution, to provide secure, self-managed storage. This option is ideal for situations where temporary storage is required, often in a multi-user environment where there are a large number of users needing short term storage. These systems are designed to accommodate flexible use, whether it’s temporary or permanent.


Intelligent Personnel locker specifications

  • 7" Touch Screen with multi-language support; PIN for user credential (configurable length); optional proximity reader for ID smartcards, wrist bands etc. or biometric reader (finger reader)
  • User credential management at the Touch screen, by spreadsheet import via USB device, or by network connection and use of Traka Web
  • Popular Locker dimensions (others by special request) Width 300 or 380mm, Depth 300 or 450mm, Stack height 1775 (excluding plinth/stand and optional sloping top). Locker Stack can be subdivided into 1-6 individual compartments
  • Stand/plinth (150mm height): Each locker unit will be supplied with a metal stand. Alternatively, in the UK only, we offer a wooden plinth under the entire locker system
  • Maximum number of doors: The Traka Touch control panel can operate up to 100 doors. However for user convenience, especially in busy situations, we recommend one control panel for each 20-30 doors
  • Sloping Top: We can supply each locker unit with a built-in, metal sloping top, with a ‘1 in 3’ slope or a ‘45 degree’ slope. Alternatively, in the UK, we can build a sloping top unit from laminate material, covering the entire system
  • Material/specifications: Steel lockers with Solid Grade Laminate (SGL) doors. Doors are available in a range of SGL colours including various wood effects. Bright Zinc Plate hinges giving 180° door opening
  • Locker numbers: engraved numbers on an oval disc within a recessed oval on each door
  • Installation location options: Against a wall. ‘Back to back’. Or in a fitted recess/alcove within a room. Systems can be installed around corners, or with low units under windows, etc.
  • Weight: dependant on size and functionality
  • Power supply: Input: 100-240V AC, Output: 15V AC
  • Battery backup: DC12V 7Ah
  • Power consumption: 350W max (excluding power sockets for users)
  • Operating Temp: Ambient, for indoor use only (-5°C to +50°C at 95% non-condensing relative humidity)
  • Max number of users: up to 25,000 users within each Traka Touch locker system. Effectively unlimited number of locker users within the Traka Web software.
  • Reader interface: Clock/ data, Wiegand, Serial (RS232/ TTL) PIN only
  • Certificates: CE, FCC, CSA, ROHS
  • Standard functionality: User groups, curfews, reports, alarms
  • Optional Charging capabilities: Locker can be supplied with a mains power socket in each compartment, to allow users to recharge laptops, smart phones or other devices
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