From the taxi stand to the tarmac, Traka keeps you in total control.

Traka provides an advanced security solution to secure, control, and manage keys and assets necessary for airport operations.

The DOT reported that 932 million passengers traveled on U.S. flights in 2016* – a number that has steadily grown year after year. With more passengers in U.S. airports than ever before, proper key and asset management is essential to safe and efficient airport operations.

Traka knows the complexities of running a complex airport operation. In fact, it was with British Airways that we developed our first prototype key management solution over 25 years ago. And today, Traka is trusted by some of the world's biggest organizations, in some of the most complex working environments, to bring accountability, security and visibility to critical keys and assets.

*Source: United States Department of Transportation

In a sprawling and time-pressured environment like an airport, it’s also difficult to centralize management of vital vehicles and equipment. Lost or misplaced tugs, ground transport and emergency response vehicles can slow down airflow, as can missing, faulty or broken devices, such as baggage scanners.

Industry Challenges

Late arrivals negatively impact a company’s reputation and overall customer satisfaction, but also result in hefty fines for the airline or airport considered responsible for the delay. If a plane is left on the tarmac for more than three hours without taking off, then the DOT can impose a fine of up to $27,500* per passenger.

*Source: United States Department of Transportation


Traka Solution

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Baggage Scanners

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Airside Ground Vehicle Keys

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Tools & Equipment

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Vendor Access Badges

Precise control and management of valuable assets is of paramount importance within any fast paced, yet highly secure airport environment.

Traka’s intelligent solutions enable you to better manage access to your keys, tools, equipment and vehicle fleet – and by integrating with your existing access control systems if required, we can ensure that all assets are returned before your staff leave site.

Key Management

  • Control critical keys with designated user access to ensure keys are only issued to proper personnel
  • Complete audit trial allows administrators to identify when keys are taken and returned, and by whom
  • Automate and decentralize key distribution/collection to greatly reduce employee downtime
  • Receive automatic alerts via email or SMS when keys are not returned on time
  • Securely store equipment including radios, baggage scanners, tablets and other pooled devices
  • Available integrated charging ensures that devices are always ready for use 
  • RFID tagging per device increases accountability and administrative control
  • Reduce inventory and maintenance costs through a completely accountable management system

Asset Management

Tool Box Control

  • Control who has access to specialist tool cabinets and equipment
  • Audit tool and equipment usage, always know who has used them and when
  • Manage the shared use of tools, between staff and contractors, saving on unnecessary duplication and better utilization
  • Create a controlled environment, so personnel are more accountable for the tools that they use
  • Set recalibration and service intervals, so tools are properly maintained 

Fleet Management

  • Prevent unauthorized staff from driving support and specialist vehicles
  • Always know exactly who was driving each vehicle and when
  • Report on mileage, fuel, hours used, and even where the vehicle is parked
  • Enforce alcohol testing for drivers before their vehicle keys are released
  • Vehicle defects reported by the user automatically generate alerts to the service team and can lock-out user access to vehicles with serious faults
  • Warn, then lock-out, drivers whose licenses expire


Restricting the use of keys, equipment and facilities so that only authorized staff can use your valuable assets at any time significantly reduces loss and damages.

The ability to manage, protect and report upon assets more effectively can significantly reduce operating costs and downtime by enforcing user accountability, improve efficiency and increase productivity – enabling you to quickly realize a return on investment and make significant savings.

Traka Solutions Provide:

✔ Fewer asset losses and damages

✔ Reduced operating costs

✔ Reduced downtime

✔ Enforced accountability

✔ Improved efficiency

✔ Increased productivity

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