Government and Military

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Management solutions to meet the highest of security standards.

Traka solutions meet the strict demands of military and government environments with intelligent key and asset management solutions. We help operations around the world better secure and manage physical keys, vendor badges, laptops, tablets, vehicles, weapons, specialized devices and equipment, tools and more.

Securing a government or military facility and its valuable assets is not an easy task. Having restricted areas, bleeding-edge technology, highly sensitive data, and potentially thousands of staff and personnel to manage, it can quickly consume valuable administrative resources.

As the worldwide leading specialist in intelligent key and asset management solutions, we manufacture secure cabinets and locker systems that allow you to control and audit to who has access to valuable keys and assets – keeping them out of the wrong hands and providing total visibility over protected items.

Key Management

  • Control access to facility, vehicle and equipment keys and access badges for better security
  • Define unique access restrictions to specific key sets
  • Require multi-level authorization in order to release critical keys
  • Report key usage, identify when keys are taken and returned, and by whom
  • Manage and record the use of fleet vehicles
  • Realtime and centralized activity reporting
  • Automatic email/SMS notifications and alarms to instantly alert administrators to critical events
  • Can integrate with third-party systems to ensure that keys or badges never leave your facility

Asset Management

  • Manage and control the use of laptops, tablets, radios, and specialized equipment
  • Items are secured in our intelligent lockers and automatically distributed to authorized users
  • You choose who has access to what items, and when
  • Create a controlled environment, so users are 100% accountable for the items they use
  • Integrated power charging and data connections are available to ensure that devices are always ready for use
  • RFID tagging can be used to uniquely identify every item
  • Our administration software gives you full visibility of every controlled asset
  • Collect valuable data on item usage to reduce inventory