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Traka delivers reliability and security to energy markets worldwide.

Traka offers solutions built with the needs of site operators and supervisors in mind. Our key and asset management systems help businesses throughout the energy sector improve processes and controls, securing their most valuable assets.

For supervisors and site operators in the energy industry, it is critical to maintain the highest levels of safety and control at all times. With our intelligent key cabinets and locker systems, you can easily gain control and visibility over sensitive areas, equipment, devices, vehicles and more. Traka can also be implemented to enhance a hazardous system lockout/tagout procedure to ensure your operators and engineers are safe at all times.

For example, when engineers remove maintenance keys from the Traka cabinet, a relay is automatically sent to cut power to the hazardous system. Once work is complete, each engineer returns his/her key to the Traka cabinet. Only when all maintenance keys are securely back in the system (and engineers are out of harm’s way) will Traka send another relay to allow the hazardous system back online.

This shows how Traka can greatly improve a typically manual safety process, all while retaining a complete audit trail over all key and user activity.

Our applications focus on the most important areas of concern:

  • Site Safety – Make sure job sites are safe with efficient process control such as Lockout/Tagout procedures
  • Key Management – Improve asset protection with full control and monitoring of keys
  • Access Control – Oversee facility assets and secure areas
  • Vehicle Management – Streamline management of vehicles and heavy equipment
  • Facilities Management – Solutions to secure assets for facilities, buildings and job sites