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Traka intelligent key cabinets and lockers are being utilised in the transport industry for managing a variety of different processes. Key management is paramount in the industry and by automating the process of issue and receipt; it not only decreases downtime, but improves work day efficiencies.

Our unique intelligent solutions mean that not only are your assets safely secured and charged ready for use, but our systems also create a full audit trail including who was the last user, when the asset was removed and when it was replaced. Traka can increase the lifetime of your assets by holding your staff accountable for their usage without needing personnel to issue and monitor device usage.

Traka solutions can provide benefits for all your equipment, valuables and sensitive material, including:

  • Keys for vehicles (airport tugs, fork lifts)
  • Baggage scanners
  • Laptop
  • iPads
  • Process control
  • Contractor management
  • Site security
  • Search equipment
  • Mobile phone devices
  • Rescue hardware
  • Breath test monitors
  • Mobile devices

Not only can Traka control, manage and audit your valuable assets they can also automate many processes so that health and safety standards are met and human error is minimised. One key application in the transport industry is lockout- tagout, a process that many companies still use a manual procedure for, but with traka this can be fully automated ensuring your staff remain safe and secure at all times. Traka's lockout-tagout solution connects a relay linked to the mains power so that when maintenance work is being conducted and a key is removed from the system to gain access to the equipment, the power is deactivated so that staff are safe and secure at all times. Each engineers can take a key from the system to show that they are currently working on the site and its not until all of the keys are back in the system, that the power can be reactivated. Find out more here.

For more information about how Traka can protect your valuable assets within the transportation industry, please contact Ben Farrar at