Our flagship technology for total asset control

Our Traka32 PC software provides all the administration tools needed to efficiently and effectively manage Traka key cabinet and locker systems.

Traka32 software can run on a single PC or networked server, it provides extensive real time data capture of the events to a SQL server database. Traka32 can provide a variety of comprehensive reports to monitor every user and item transaction, so that you maintain full visibility of your sensitive keys and assets at all times.

For day-to-day administration in a large organization, Traka32 lets you to set up regions, allowing local administrators to have control over items and users at their particular site. In addition, the software is equipped with options to have main oversight by a super administrator that maintains control over all keys, assets, users and administrators.

In a networked environment, multiple key cabinets can be managed and controlled from a central location, making for a quick, complete audit of all asset activity.


  • Log faults or defects discovered with an asset being used
  • Instantly lockout faulty assets so no one can use them until repaired
  • Automatically notify managers, supervisors or service teams by email or SMS text of any alerts
  • Enforce service intervals or calibration dates for protected equipment
  • Set curfews so that an overdue item will automatically trigger a notification
  • Pre-book items in advance, so they are reserved and no one else can take them
  • Enforce safety protocols by pairing keys, so one cannot be taken while the other is still in use
  • Increase security by requiring multiple authorizations to release critical keys
  • Assign keys on a temporary basis to vendors or subcontractors
  • Allow for random return, allowing keys to be taken from one site and returned to another