Dora Costa

Sales and Marketing Administrator

"The company has seen potential in me and that my determination has been recognised"

I was taken on as a temp and initially the personalities of the members of the team that interviewed me, immediately attracted me to the company. It’s not always usual to come away from an interview – even a telephone one – and feel like you’ve made a connection with people. This is what initially attracted me to the company.

I like the independence and the work itself. It’s nice to work for a company that has good values and also a product you can believe in and get behind.

I like the variety that comes with my role. I enjoy the fact that I get to help out a wide range of team members and that there is flexibility in the work that I do.

In contrast to my previous job, this job allows me to have a good balance between work and out of work life. The routine that it has provided me with the hours that I start/finish it allows me to sleep a good amount and also have plenty of time after work for other activities like the gym or meeting up with friends/seeing my family etc…

The fact that I get to help the team out with anything they need. The satisfaction I get from helping others is great. I feel motivated especially when I see that my hard work has paid off and made a difference to others.

I applied for an internal role and received the role! I feel greatly accomplished by this because it means (I hope) that the company has seen potential in me and that my determination has been recognised.

From my personal experience, in my time here, I feel I have been given ‘authentic recognition’ within the company as I have been given the chance to prove my worth in a new role that I don’t have the experience in but the company feels I have the skills. It’s not very often you find people willing to take a chance on you and I feel that Traka will give people chances and this is, in my opinion, authentic recognition.

I personally managed to earn a new role within the company, which has the promise for career development. I think that all the opportunities are there for people looking for them and from what I have seen; the company works hard to help their employees out to fulfil their aspirations.

I like that the atmosphere in the office is a friendly and non-toxic environment, which allows people to feel comfortable at their workplace. Considering we spend the majority of our time at work, it’s a blessing to find a place that makes you feel at home, at work, and this spreads throughout the company not just in my team.

I have already spoken with a few of my friends about joining the company if appropriate roles come up and with the ‘refer a friend scheme’ that Traka offers it’s definitely a bonus! Even without the benefits Traka provides, I would recommend them as they give their employees a platform to voice their opinions and actually listen if things might need to change.