Many hotels have issues with managing keys – but Traka provides a proven solution to leading hotels that keeps them one step ahead of the competition - both for House Keeping and Security Keys.

The security implications if keys, especially Duty Manager keys or master Ving cards, get lost are serious. Wasted staff time and lost productivity, potential theft of stock and valuables, compromised security for staff and guests, as well as the replacement costs and extra administration time - just some of the many issues likely to be faced. Traka intelligent solutions can combat many of these issues which not only improves efficiencies and reduces downtime wasted locating keys but the safety and security of your premises is not compromised.

Traka is established in leading hotels such as Hilton, De Vere Grand, The Lowry, The Dorchester, The Berkeley and even the 7* Atlantis Palms in Dubai.

Traka’s range of intelligent key management solutions controls who can gain access to keys, restrict individual key usage to authorised users, raise an alarm if a key is not returned on time, alert if a key is not taken, provide a full audit of key activity and generate numerous easy to use management reports.