Tablet and Laptop lockers


Our intelligent tablet and laptop lockers enable you to maintain total control by determining who can access your valuable assets.

While the tablet and laptop lockers identify charge and secure each device, Traka Touch and Traka Web software records all user activity and empowers you to know exactly who is in possession of any asset, in real time.

We had a concept in mind when we were creating our ICT strategy. Traka more than fulfi lled this with its managed laptop locker and software solution. Instantly I’m able to account for all resource laptops right across the school at just the click of the mouse.

Our Tablet and Laptop Storage Cabinet Features:

  • Centrally managed and controlled by our userfriendly software, allowing you to allocate devices to specific users at specific times
  • Unique RFID solutions allow each asset to be individually tagged, enabling you to know when it’s been taken out and whether it has been returned safety, ready to use by the next individual
  • Gives you the ability to audit who is currently using the equipment, who used it previously and when it was returned – creating 100% accountability
  • System alert notifications can be sent if a device is not returned by a designated time
  • Charging facilities are available within the locker system
  • Fault logging and automatic reporting can be used to lock items in place and not be dispensed until the fault has been fixed
  • Our Lockers accommodate a wide variety of devices, for both small and large applications
  • The tablet and laptop lockers can be integrated with HR and student databases, or existing access control systems, which makes administration effortless