S-Touch Series


The S-Touch key cabinets allow for system scalability. Accommodate up to 60 keys (120 double density) with this innovative key cabinet system.

Traka Touch is a sophisticated key management system that has intelligence built in. It can operate as a standalone solution that requires no IT network or server to manage the database. Alternatively it can be networked with our enterprise solution Traka Web. A full audit trail of all key transactions is retained within the system by the internal solid state memory. Management of the system has never been so easy.

Keys are readily available 24/7

Access by authorised users only

7” touch screen

Full audit trail of all users and key transactions

Secure storage and management for up to 60 keys

Easy access via PIN code, card reader and biometric fingerprint reader


The compact SmartFob is specifically designed for use in our HC key cabinets for high key capacity applications. With a tamper-evident design, the fobs are unlabeled for the enhanced security of keys when out of the system.


  • Cutting edge key management solution that
    operates entirely independently of your IT system
  • Standalone ‘plug and play’ system
  • No network, PC or external connection required
  • USB port for import/export of reports via
    memory stick
  • Automatic data back up to removable SD card