Hospitality: Ensure Safety, Security & Savings This Summer


For hotels and resorts in the busy summertime, more guests are checking in and more staff is necessary to cater to the needs of a full house.

While being busy is great for business, it also means there is more room for error, mistakes and inefficiencies. Both the safety of your guests and integrity of your company can be affected by having a weak or nonexistent key and asset management system.

As you read on, you’ll discover three benefits of having improved access management processes in place in assuring the safety of your guests and assets, all while saving money and time.

Make Guest Safety a Top Priority

With more staff on board during the hectic summertime, is it increasingly difficult to keep track of which employees – be it housekeepers, outside contractors, or front desk associates – have access to guests’ room keys. The absence of auditing key access creates opportunities for your guests’ safety to be compromised, which can mean lawsuits and a damaged reputation for your business.

The solution to mitigate the risk associated with access to guest room keys lies within Traka’s unique capabilities in controlling key access. Our key cabinets utilizing the iFob technology control access by restricting each key to authorized employees only. The advanced system’s employee recognition capabilities can assure you that access won’t fall in the wrong hands.

Ensure Your (and Your Guests’) Assets are Secure

Another issue that arises without a proper key auditing system in place is the problem of theft. There have been countless incidences where hotel staff with improper access to master keys has committed theft. In addition to the ability to control who has access to certain keys, our systems can track where the keys are at all time. In cases of reported theft, our advanced systems tracking features allow you to hold employees accountable for their actions.

In effort to prevent opportunities for staff (or others) to commit theft, key curfews can be utilized to ensure that the keys are being returned on time. If curfews have not been met, managers can receive 24/7 alerts via email or SMS text so that action can be taken as soon as possible. With better control and tracking of key access, you will experience fewer losses and increased security for your business and your guests.

Save Money and Time

In addition to keeping your guests safe and assets secure, Traka’s systems can also save your business money and time. The key cabinets feature automatic key vending, which eliminates the need for staff to issue keys.

Since key access is necessary for most of your staff at a hotel or resort, much of time is wasted during shift startup when accessing their keys. Our iFob’s simple access features allow your staff to take and return their keys in literally seconds. These time savings ultimately increase productivity, saving your business money.

Traka is a world leader in key and asset management. Contact us today to see how we can help your hotel or resort.