About Traka


Recognized as global leaders in innovative key & asset management, Traka utilizes pioneering solutions to manage the most important parts of any organization. Our vision is to be the most innovative company in the industry, while providing reliable, true and measurable value to our customers.

Owned by ASSA ABLOY, an organization three-times ranked as one of Forbes Magazine’s World’s Most Innovative Companies, Traka has a global footprint which extends to over 70 countries and 44,000 employees globally. This gives our customers comfort in knowing that we will be here to meet their long term needs.

As a forward-thinking business, we’re always one step ahead when it comes to developing new and innovative solutions that solve real world problems. From simple secured storage options to enterprise-level control of costly or sensitive devices, Traka systems provide an intuitive and powerful way to manage, track and report usage of your most important assets, with the ability to drive process through integration. Trusted by thousands of customers around the globe, Traka solutions are proven and reliable, with a typical return on investment in just a few months.

Why Traka?

When a conventional key is stolen, misplaced or accidentally taken home, security is compromised, and your organization is suddenly vulnerable. Even if nothing is stolen, and no damage is done, the cost and inconvenience of fitting new locks and the impact on productivity can be significant.

Likewise, when a vital piece of equipment goes missing or gets damaged, this can have a significant impact on your organizations productivity, resulting in prolonged downtime, increased operational costs and administrative overhead.

Traka can significantly reduce the cost to your organization of losses through accidental damage, theft, personal injury and downtime. It helps enforce your business processes and ensure health and safety compliance. With Traka in place, users act more resposibly for the items they use, resulting in more effective and efficient utilization of company assets.