Traka’s Management Solutions Take Off At Best UK Airport


Traka has been specified at a main UK international Airport to deliver bespoke solutions for the safe management of replica improvised explosive devices (IEDs,) alongside intelligent key management systems.

The leading UK airport, which cannot be named for security reasons, uses replica IEDs for training purposes across its security network, to ensure correct procedures are being followed in the unfortunate event of a real threat. 

The importance of secure management of replica IEDs is integral, with recent well-publicised events have shown the major disruption caused by any unaccounted, including an abandonment of the last game of the season for Manchester United in 2016.

Traka, which already provides the airport with essential intelligent key management units, created a bespoke management locker solution for the safe storage of replica IEDs on site, to ensure they could only be operated by authorised personnel. 

The units present audit control capability and reporting on an instant basis with any units that do not get returned being instantly accountable.

Says a Security Manager at the Airport: “To have any replica IED device unaccounted for would have serious security implications for the Airport as a whole, with a real possibility of closure and consequential mass disruption. 

“With increasing numbers of passengers and noted global security threats, we cannot afford to take the risk and knew Traka could be called upon as the experts to provide a solution. The lockers not only provide an extra security dimension but also ensure the smooth running of the Airport security.  They enhance our training objectives as the audit control capability allows replica IEDs to be used across terminal staff, safe in the knowledge they will always be accounted for and returned. 

The lockers support the Airport’s use of Traka solutions for intelligent key management for security and engineering keys, alongside asset and vehicle control.

Ben Farrar, Traka Market Development Manager added: “It is the focus of every Airport to deliver the best possible experience for passengers while ensuring their absolute safety and security at all times. And in doing so, ensure staff can present all processes in a smooth and stress-free environment.

“Traka’s provision of bespoke locker solutions for the safekeeping of replica IEDs, alongside our intelligent key management systems as used by this Airport may only seem like smaller details in a complex security matrix. But they work together for the benefit of Security teams to ensure effective management and automation, decreasing the likelihood of causing delays and disrupting the airport flow unnecessarily.”

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