Traka Touch

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Easy user and administrator access, right at your fingertips.

Traka Touch is a user-friendly touchscreen management system with intelligence built in, providing fast access for authorized users, and powerful management tools for administrators.

With Traka Touch, users and administrators have fast and easy access to the tools they need, right from the Traka key cabinet or locker. A full audit of all transactions can be retained internally within the system or on a centralized server, scalable over multiple locations. 

Traka Touch can operate as a standalone system, or interfaced with Traka Web across a local or wide area network. The software gives you control over who can use your keys and assets with access levels designated for each particular user.

How it works

  • Full color 7" touch screen
  • Embedded Windows CE and SQL Server database
  • Interface available in 20+ languages
  • Solid state memory holds 250,000+ events
  • Effective administration scalable to enterprise level
  • Built-in battery backup with charge status icon, and automatic soft close down in case of long-term power failure

Traka Touch Benefits

  • Traka Touch makes keys and assets readily available to authorized users only
  • Each user is uniquely identified via PIN, access badge or biometrics
  • Provides control over who can use your keys and assets, with access levels designated for each particular user
  • Every user and item transaction is stored within the system
  • Searching for an “out-of-system” key is easy, and Traka Touch will indicate who took it and when
  • Reporting functions enable user transactions to be displayed so that you can quickly see a complete report of all key usage between specified times and dates
  • Custom message and notes logging to display/collect important data