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Saving retailers time and money with security management solutions.

Traka key cabinets and intelligent asset lockers are helping retailers save time and money by allowing you to control who can access keys and equipment.

With a fully automated Traka solution in place, keys, valuable goods, cash trays and equipment such as handheld scanners can be monitored and controlled. A full audit trail is recorded within the system, so you know exactly who has removed which asset, when it was taken and when it was returned, resulting in equipment being utilized more responsibly and effectively.

With better management and utilization of pooled devices, most organizations experience a significant reduction in shift startup times and required inventory. This means a fast ROI, and long-term efficiency in daily processes.

How retailers can cash in on the benefits:

  • Centralized control of keys and equipment
  • Reduce theft and fraud
  • Minimize operational costs and reduce inventory
  • Minimize shift startup times and administrative overhead
  • Effectively track company assets