Retail Banking


Reduce operational inefficiencies, manage regulation compliance and improve security measures with streamlined key management

Intelligent access control and advanced key management can help you get ahead of the challenges facing the retail banking industry and retool to grow revenue and lead in the next era.

The streamlining of key management processes to achieve simplified business and operation models and proactively managed risk, regulations and security, delivers these three key benefits:

  • Reduce Operational Inefficiencies
  • Manage Regulation Compliance
  • Improve Security Measures

Reducing Operational Inefficiencies

You know how your bank’s key system operates and the amount of keys you need for every lock and vault, but is your bank key management secure and efficient? How many core key copies do your employees have? How long does it take a single employee to find the right key needed for restricted bank access?

Extensive costs can be reduced with streamlined key management and access control—by automating and streamlining bank key management operations, your employees will have more time to focus on valuable revenue-generating tasks such as enhanced customer service, customized sales opportunities, increased upselling and cross-selling potential, additional outbound sales efforts and more.

With Traka’s key management system, you’ll reduce time inefficiencies and unnecessary operating expenses, allowing for more revenue generation.

Traka Key Management for Reducing Operational Inefficiencies:

  • Simplified Business and Operation Models
  • More Revenue-Generating Activities
  • Reduction of Wasteful Operational Expenses
  • Overall Greater Profitability

Up to 87 full working days per year can be lost due to downtime spent with manual key management processes*

Managing Regulation Compliance

The top challenge and #1 investment priority for retail banks is complying with consistently expanding bank regulations. With both physical and cyber security threats, banks struggle to keep up with the multitude of organizational systems and regulation acts that are constantly being updated and changed.

Digital key management software, on the other hand, is prone to hacking and leaves many banks with extensive costs accumulated from digital access control integration.

This is where Traka’s intelligent key management systems come in—the best at managing compliance with total accountability, regulation compliance and standardized processes, these systems leave no room for error or cyber threats.

Traka Key Management for Managing Regulation Compliance:

  • Proactively Managed Risk and Regulations
  • Reduced Susceptibility to Cybersecurity Threats
  • No Financial Penalties or Damaged Reputation

Improving Security Measures

Keys are an important part of physical security in retail banks, but are you managing them with the highest level of control and monitoring? If you currently let employees take essential keys off site, manually log key usage or write down digital codes and passwords, you could open the doors to physical security risks. Intelligent key management systems allow for you to maintain total control and monitoring of keys to prevent these risks from occurring.

Traka Key Management for Improving Security Measures:

  • Simplified Business and Operation Models
  • Proactively Managed Risk and Regulations
  • Less Physical Threats to Personnel and Customers

Gain control over keys, vault codes and other assets, by restricting who has access, and when

So Why Traka?

Traka key management systems allow you to secure, manage and audit keys while also gaining a comprehensive audit trail of every key and user in real-time. With unique identification data, centralized management and eliminating manual key tracking, you will lower operational costs and increase revenue opportunities.

In addition to streamlining operations and meeting regulation compliance, smart key management systems provide unique user authentication, enhanced key storage, individual key access specifications and 24/7 key tracking.

Operational Costs Down Operational Costs

Revenue Opportunities Up Revenue Opportunities


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