Saving retailers time and money with intelligent management solutions.

Traka intelligent management solutions are helping retailers save time and money by allowing you to control who can access keys and equipment.

With a fully automated retail asset management solution in place – keys, valuable goods, cash trays and equipment such as handheld scanners can be monitored and controlled. A full audit trail is recorded within the system so you know exactly who has removed which device, when it was taken and when it was returned resulting in equipment being utilised more effectively, without the need for arduous manual administration.

The Traka software provides a full audit trail and real-time reporting, detailing who has used each set of keys or piece of equipment, and when. As a result, staff become more accountable and our customers have found that equipment is returned at the end of shifts. This leads to reduced security requirements, with less damage and turnover of handheld scanners and other portable equipment.

With better management and utilisation of pooled devices, most organisations experience a significant reduction in shift startup times and required inventory. This means a fast ROI and long-term efficiency in daily processes.

Minimise shift startup times

Want to save 42 minutes in productivity time every week for each employee within a store? On average, it takes staff members six minutes to find a key or working device, whether it’s a key to gain access to a vehicle or secure area, or a device to complete their daily tasks. This can cause losses of up to £40,000 a year. An effective key management system minimises downtime and cuts unnecessary costs.

Lower operational costs

Having a good key management system in place meant one supermarket giant was able to scrap a manual admin process, The retailer saved on paying one member of staff per store who would normally be employed to vend keys out in this way. Saving around £20,000 in labour in each of its hundreds of stores.

Reduce stock losses

Loss of stock is a huge issue and costly inefficiency of many retail stores. One large retailer spent £1.8m replacing lost equipment in the last year alone, but since Traka equipment management solutions were placed inside its stores, it has only lost one device out of hundreds that are managed.

Increase health and safety

Retail stores have strict health and safety compliance that needs to be up held. If an accident occurs, it is extremely difficult to trace why and how the user gained access to the keys needed to access or start that piece of equipment. Traka restricts access to only authorised and trained users only, which increases the health and safety of staff members but also remains compliant with procedures.

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