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About Our Distribution and Factory Asset Management Systems

Traka has a wide variety of Distribution and Factory Asset Management solutions which includes everything from loading bay anti-drive off solutions, fork lift truck control to integrated alcohol testing before gaining access to a vehicle or machinery. Traka’s Distribution centre and Factory key management systems can control, manage and audit the use of every key, asset or device so you have visibility and traceability at all times.

Traka Distribution centre and Factory security locker solutions can be tailored towards the customer’s need to secure a wide variety of assets including; PDA devices, laptops, ipads/ tablets, mobile phones, printers and much more. Our intelligent locker systems provide full charging facilities, RFID detection and secure storage so that you can maintain full control and accountability.

Our intelligent ifob’s are not only used to lock keys in place in our key cabinets, but they can also replace the conventional key to power up machinery and equipment. Vehicles which are commonly shared between drivers, such as fork trucks and industrial plant vehicles used at quarries or on construction sites are often difficult to manage and hard to restrict in terms of access control – let alone keeping an organisation compliant with Health & Safety regulations. Add to this the ever increasing need for users to take more ownership; it can be vital to trace drivers responsible for damage to both vehicles and infrastructure in the quest to minimise operational costs, downtime and lost productivity. The iFob is issued to a driver and he or she can use this to start either a specific truck or a predefined range of trucks by inserting it into a receptor socket fitted to the truck dashboard. A full audit trail is kept which monitors equipment usage and exactly who used what, when it was used and when it was returned.

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