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Security, safety and health are crucial to providing optimum patient care at healthcare facilities of all shapes and sizes. The move towards automated exits, entrances and security systems are now seen as the solution for hospital asset management and access management.

Traka can integrate into your hospital access control system to ensure that sensitive keys or assets do not leave site, or be allowed on to site, depending on your requirements. Our key management systems for hospitals can secure sensitive keys so that they don't get into the wrong hands and ensuring drug issue is monitored and controlled are two crucial steps in maintaining health, safety and security standards within the healthcare sector. Traka’s key management solutions for hospitals can provide solutions, to control, manage and audit your keys and assets so that downtime is reduced, staff are held accountable and restricted access can be preserved by assigning each individual user, selected access rights. Our healthcare whitepaper goes into greater detail on how we can protect your assets and increase safety and health within the healthcare sector.

Controlling of drug distribution can be a major issue within healthcare facilities, with our hospital key management solutions and hospital security locker systems, we can control and manage the amount issued and to which patients. When a nurse needs to access the drugs cabinet, we can set up a dual authorisation process so that when a member of staff tries to access the key, a senior member of staff has to also authorise the transaction with either their ID credentials or finger print to stop staff for administering drugs without supervised control.


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