Medication Distribution Lockers

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Safely and securely distribute prisoners’ medications

70% of prisoners in the UK are reported to be on medication, however, prisoners often experience problems getting the medication they require. These can include flash points around medical hatches, the possibility of being bullied for their medication, long queues and prisoners having to choose between recreational times or picking up their medication.

Receiving a poor experience due to medication collection can then cause an unsafe environment not just for prisoners but for all involved, including prison officers and healthcare professionals. To tackle these challenges, we have created a bespoke solution for distributing medications safely, securely and accurately.

Medication Distribution Lockers (MDLs) allow healthcare professionals to load prisoner specific medications into locker compartments that can then be accessed at a convenient time by the prisoners, helping to minimise the risks associated with traditional distribution methods.


  • Improves health and wellbeing of the prison population
  • Gives prisoners the ability to plan their day more effectively
  • Full audit trail report of which users have collected their medications and when
  • Controlled access to medications via biometric fingerprint readers ensures only the correct prisoner can open their assigned compartment
  • Immediately highlights prisoners who have not collected their medications (e.g. did not attends)
  • Enables close monitoring of potential “at risk” prisoners
  • Allows prison officers more time and flexibility in planning the regime
  • Creates a secure environment for healthcare professionals to distribute medication
  • Saves time spent by healthcare professionals distributing medication


  • Scalable solution to meet the physical space challenges, system sizes typically range from 12-60+ compartments of various sizes
  • Clear compartment identification to simplify distribution and reduce risk
  • “Burst all doors” function to allow quick loading of medications
  • Randomised compartment allocation every time to prevent storing contraband
  • Removal of prisoner fingerprint access once required medication collected to prevent “stashing”
  • Audible alarm to alert if compartment doors are left open
  • Fully networkable solution to allow centralised administration