Traka releases new white paper on the pandemic boost for UK supermarkets

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Traka has launched a new white paper to highlight how supermarkets across the UK have bucked the trend and been one of the few industries positively impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The white paper, entitled “Exploring the pandemic boost for UK supermarkets” is now available to download here, and poses the question, “How can UK supermarkets continue to succeed and even thrive post COVID-19 and embrace the evolving new normal?’

Incorporating latest statistics and emerging trends occurring during the lockdown periods in 2020, the paper highlights the changing landscape for supermarkets, and the need to meet new consumer behaviour and relationships with food retailers, both online and in-store.

Says Steve Bumphrey, Managing Director and lead retail specialist for Traka UK:

The onset of Coronavirus completely changed the profile of the UK supermarket scene.  Whilst initially, it seemed to turn it on its head, supermarkets have embraced the change and ended up with assets that are not only very well suited to online distribution but also cater for the returning physical ‘big shop trend’.


Our research into this detailed white paper, demonstrates how food retailers have worked hard to keep up with demands, keep supply chains working smoothly and invested in new technologies to enhance the consumer experience. This has ensured the physical in-store experience feels every bit as seamless as online, and welcomes the additional benefits unique to brick-and-mortar supermarket retail environment.

The white paper draws on latest figures in the food retail sector, and the blurring between the online and physical, in-store experience.  It also makes reference to Traka’s work with one of the ‘big four’ supermarkets that has utilised Traka’s innovative key and equipment management solutions at its distribution centre to ensure products can get to discerning customers on time, in full.

Steve adds:

It is our belief, that supermarkets can embrace this next chapter and maintain its momentum for the benefit of consumers in the new normal.  A critical part of this will be the in-store experience, as an integral touchpoint in the future of the UK’s supermarket sector.


We hope our discussion paper brings a new sense of positivity to the market, one where readers feel encouraged to join the debate and offer their views, contributions and experiences to what is undoubtedly a matter of such significance.  Together, we can look to support and shape the successful future of supermarket retail.

The white paper entitled “Exploring the pandemic boost for UK supermarkets” is available to download now.