Innovative technologies supporting the logistics industry to keep supermarkets stocked


With speed being of the essence, how can innovative solutions continue to support the logistics industry to work smarter and faster?

At present, the ‘pingdemic’ has been well documented in its impact on the food supply industry, with many suggesting supply firms are having to fight to keep supermarkets stocked with food. 

In trying to minimise disruption, our latest white paper ‘Moving forward with Distribution and Logistics’ investigates how despite the challenging conditions, the logistics industry can maximise the benefits of innovative technology to increase smart operations and drive efficiencies, linking supermarket goods with people like never before.

As stated in the white paper:

Technology plays and will continue to play a key role in the development of the logistics sector moving forward to ensure that businesses continue to meet consumer demands…

Traka distribution and logistics solutions can help increase warehouse productivity to speed up processes through access control systems that manage and control the use of multi-use assets such as hand scanners, tablets, laptops and specialized equipment.

5 keyways your organisation can reduce delays and benefit from using Traka security solutions:  

In order to continue improving daily operations within the warehouse environment, Traka asset management solutions significantly provide a seamless experience from warehouse to front store. Our range of automated systems encourage fast working processes whilst preventing minimal accidents.

Discover more on how Traka technology can contribute to efficiently speed up process based on real life insights from our latest white paper.