Traka releases white paper on key digital opportunities for NHS


A new white paper, launched by Traka, follows the incredible journey of the NHS from its iconic beginnings to the new found pride felt in the UK, as the national institution has tackled the Coronavirus pandemic.

Presenting the opportunities now available in the use of technology and digital solutions supporting the NHS, the white paper entitled “Embracing change for our NHS and UK healthcare” is now available to download here.

Posing the question, ‘How can hospital asset management support essential works, and help build increased efficiency practices into the UK healthcare system?,’ the paper explores the external and internal challenges faced by the NHS as it looks to move forward.

Ben Farrar, Market Development Manager for Traka UK, says:

The launch of the NHS was an historic moment in British history, a bold and pioneering plan to make healthcare accessible to everyone. Since then, it has gone through so many changes, improvements, updates and modernisation processes, culminating in its incredible response to the global pandemic.


The NHS’ road to meeting today’s challenges has not been smooth, with well documented turmoil and hardships. Going forward, it is essential for decision makers and procurement teams to have the right tools in place to ensure our amazing NHS staff can work into the ‘new normal,’ as efficiently as possible to look after staff themselves and our nation’s health and well being. 

The white paper draws on the nation’s pride in the NHS’ response to the Coronavirus pandemic, after hitting an eleven year low. Research found a renewed attitude to focus and energy to meet the pace and scale of the challenge of COVID-19, to ride the storm and look to the future.

Included in the research is detail from ‘The NHS: People Plan 2021/21 – action for us all’ together with the ‘Public Health England’s 2020 – 2025’ strategy and ‘5 year health infrastructure plan.’  This is alongside significant capital spend designed to bring an “incredible scale and pace of transformation, embracing the importance of technology into every day operations.”

Ben adds:

Against all the challenges and suffering posed by COVID-19, it has proven a pivotal moment for UK healthcare. In this white paper, we have drawn on the positives of the NHS response, but highlight how there is always more that can be done.

It is now up to those responsible for hospital site management and daily operations to prioritise the opportunities afforded by technology to support ongoing care. We see this as a chance to open a debate on the solutions available and welcome readers to join in and offer their own contributions and experiences.” 

Download your copy of the whitepaper here: 'Embracing change for our NHS and UK healthcare'.