Traka policy statement regarding COVID-19

In response to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, Traka, along with the wider ASSA ABLOY Group, is proactively working to ensure the safety and welfare of all of our staff, as well as the safety and wellbeing of the employees of our customers and suppliers that we may come into contact with.

The Traka business provides key services to several sectors designated by the UK Government as being ‘critical’, including prisons and the justice service, and food retailers. We are also part of the manufacturing industry sector and, as such, have been given clear direction by the UK Government to maintain our operations as far as possible during lockdown periods by asking our staff to continue to come into work rather than working from home.

The key aspects of our approach to the pandemic are:

  • To ensure that all Traka sites and operational activities have been fully risk-assessed to identify the potential impact of the Coronavirus pandemic. These assessments are reviewed and updated regularly, and they are communicated to all employees, as well as customers upon request.
  • The introduction of strict ‘Control Measures’ at all Traka premises, ensuring that social distancing is in place at all times, that high levels of cleanliness and sanitisation are maintained, and that all staff carry out regular health checks to help identify any potential COVID-19 symptoms.
  • The introduction of controls to ensure that all deliveries to, and collections from, Traka sites can be carried out in a safe manner for all personnel involved.
  • Ensuring that all visitors to Traka sites are provided with information on our control measures beforehand and that they are required to complete a ‘Visitor Declaration’ on their arrival. Records of visitors are also maintained so that these can be referred to in order to assist the ‘track and trace’ process in the event of a COVID-19 case.
  • Prior to Traka staff visiting a customer’s site, communications will be sent to the customer to ensure that suitable control measures are in place at the site, and to provide information on these measures to our staff.
  • Procedures are also in place to enable us to react to any COVID-19 cases on our premises, within our workforce, at our customer’s sites, or in the geographical areas where we operate. These procedures are in line with the appropriate Government, Health Service, and local authority guidelines.

These measures are designed to ensure that we can maintain the supply of goods and services to all of our customers, and we are working with our key suppliers to make sure that our supply chain is not adversely affected. At the current time, and based on the information available to us, we do not envisage any major disruption to our supply chain, but we will continue to consider alternative options in case the situation should change significantly.

Our production facilities are continuing to operate, and we are currently able to meet all our customer’s requirements. We are also still able to provide our normal levels of both remote and field-based customer support, although any future imposition of local or regional travel restrictions may affect our ability to maintain this.

This Policy Statement is reviewed on a regular basis and will be updated where necessary to ensure that it remains current and effective, and in line with Government guidelines.