New features and enhancements in TrakaWEB 3.9


TrakaWEB 3.9 introduces a number of improvements and fixes, the introduction of an exciting new data import functionality to simplify the initial deployment of TrakaWEB and enabling bulk update of records, plus a number of integration and security enhancements.

This software upgrade includes the following key components:

  • TrakaWEB 3.9.2
  • Traka Touch 2.8.1
  • Integration Engine 2.11.0
  • Traka32 2.44

All customers with a current software license can be upgraded to these new versions.

TrakaWEB Data Import Utility

The TrakaWEB Data Import Utility is a powerful spreadsheet based tool that enables trained technicians and system administrators to bulk import or update key data into TrakaWEB. This functionality can be used to export data from Traka32, and import directly into TrakaWEB as part of a migration to the newer platform. It can also be used to setup a new TrakaWEB database for a new deployment, or to populate a new TrakaWEB database using data extracted from third-party systems.

This new tool significantly reduces the administration overhead with staging data in TrakaWEB and is used in conjunction with Traka Professional Services to simplify the solution design, planning and commissioning process.

Lenel OnGuard 7.6 Open Access REST API Integration

Earlier this year, Lenel announced the withdrawal of support for their previous DataConduitIT integration toolset. Since OnGuard 7.5, Lenel has switched to the new OpenAccess REST API service, which provides the following functionality within OnGuard:

  • Administration of Traka Users and Traka Access Levels within OnGuard
  • Real-time updates to OnGuard Access Levels from Traka depending on key status information at a global, system or individual key level
  • Real-time Traka key movements and Traka alarm updates to OnGuard

The Traka integration with Lenel OnGuard has been fully certified by Lenel through the OAAP program to work from OnGuard version 7.6.

Details on additional enhancements and fixes, along with all documentation and software downloads are available to registered software users on our support website.