Traka partners with Unilink to present new solution for prisons at ICPA

Traka is at the International Corrections & Prisons Association (ICPA)’s annual conference, presenting a new solution for distributing medications safely, securely and accurately within prison environments.

Exhibiting in partnership with the leader in prison and community corrections software applications provider Unilink, Traka will be demonstrating its specialist Medication Distribution Lockers, designed to minimise the risks associated with traditional medication distribution methods.

Visitors to the stand will be able to see how the solution can be accessed in a controlled manner, via biometric fingerprint technology at a convenient time by authorised prisoners, all backed with full audit control reporting capability.

Says Tom Smith of Traka UK:

A significant proportion of prisoners rely on medication, but with increasing pressures within an already sensitive environment, many experience problems getting the medication they require.  This situation is causing an unsafe environment not just for prisoners but for all involved, including prison officers and healthcare professionals.


To tackle these challenges, Traka partnered with Unilink to create a bespoke locker solution for distributing medications safely, securely and accurately.  At ICPA, we will be able to show how the solution can help healthcare professionals to load medications into specific compartments that can then be accessed at a convenient time by prisoners.”

Traka’s Medication Distribution Lockers have been designed as a scaleable solution with clear compartment identification to simplify distribution and reduce risks, as well as including ‘burst all doors’ functionality to allow quick loading of medication.

To minimise the risks associated with issuing medication within prison facilities, the Medication Distribution Lockers have been designed with randomised compartment allocation, the capability to remove prisoner fingerprint to prevent stashing, and an audible alarm to alert if compartment doors are left open.

Francis Toye, CEO of Unilink added:

Traka’s intelligent technology, when combined with our software and the combined knowledge of custodial services, presents a powerful solution to a difficult challenge faced by all prison facilities, in the safe delivery of medication.” 


We’re delighted to now be presenting our solution at ICPA and welcome visitors to experience how it can improve health and well being of a prison population.

For more information on Traka’s specialist solutions for prisons, please click here or contact Tom Smith, Market Development Manager, on +44 (0)7795 368 050 or