Traka manages key expectations at The Berkeley


Key management is organised with Traka at London’s five-star deluxe hotel, The Berkeley, to ensure “lightning speed operations” can be maintained with accountability of all keys for the benefit of staff and guests.

Knightsbridge based The Berkeley, part of the exclusive Maybourne Hotel Group, is renowned for its independent spirit and eye for style. Standing as the epitome of modern luxury, it offers 190 chic bedrooms and 5 signature suites, international award-winning Michelin star restaurants and celebrated bar facilities, spa and gym.

Whilst Traka has been the key management partner of choice for a decade, security teams at The Berkeley recently upgraded the systems in place, not only to expand capacity as the hotel evolves, but also enhance security with biometric technology to add protection against well-known threats such as ‘shoulder surfing.’

Says Craden Moulds, Director of Security at The Berkeley:

As with all the Maybourne Hotels, stellar service from the moment our guests arrive, is at the forefront of everything The Berkeley has to offer.  To ensure this impeccable level is maintained, security measures must be integrated successfully into the everyday operations and fully understood by all staff.


Traka has always supported this goal, offering authorized staff access to keys and maintaining an audit trail for assets to be instantly located. However, the time had come to enhance our systems, to benefit from independently operated management solutions that could allow for visual scanning and present specialist fingerprint authorization to ensure we stay at the forefront of hotel security.”

Traka’s key cabinets in hospitality are designed to offer an intelligent replacement solution to manual key management systems, which often results in keys going missing and limited records of who has access and when they were taken or returned.  Not only does this result in no accountability but also valuable time and resource are taken organising instant replacements to ensure guest safety.

Jason Cooke, Traka Market Development Manager added:

It is an honour to continue serving The Berkeley, which is known worldwide as one of the most prestigious hotels London has to offer.  It is a particular privilege due to the long-standing partnership we have with the security team who work meticulously to ensure the safety and security of all who work and stay.


This working approach ensures we can stay in close contact to fully understand requirements and provide bespoke solutions.  It also means any systems installed, operates to assimilate with its surroundings and those who operate.  The result is a system that operates at a five-star level with the self-described running of a “ruthlessly efficient team,” that guests at The Berkeley have come to love and expect.”