Traka to provide key security for world’s largest building society

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Nationwide Building Society has partnered with Traka to provide an intelligent key management system in its branches. The partnership will enhance the Society’s processes in its network, for the benefit of its employees and members.

Nationwide has around 18,000 employees and around 650 branches across the UK. Previously branch managers were being relied upon to have ensured the management and safety of branch keys throughout the working day, and overnight. This has been a time constraining and manual process, but an essential part of branch security.

Traka's intelligent key management solution has been trialled, originally tested across 21 sites, and systems now operate across Nationwide's UK-wide branch network.
Richard Newland, Director of Branch& Workplace Transformation at Nationwide said;

There was an opportunity to greatly improve our key management process, to make it easier for our colleagues to manage branch keys. The introduction of Traka key management systems moved us into a more digital management system. Our colleagues no longer need to solely manage keys, and the audit trail capability has helped us to remove the manual paper recording and see the instant status of keys at any one time.”

Traka worked closely with Nationwide to understand bespoke requirements for key management across its branch network, ensuring a seamless installation process under a tight timeframe for delivery.

Once installed, Traka worked closely with individual branches to ensure staff had full training in the use of key management systems and access control solutions for authorised personnel.

Tom Smith, Traka Market Development Manager added:

What our relationship with Nationwide demonstrates is our preferred approach to working with clients, in true partnership. Our aim is to understand bespoke requirements for key management and ensure our systems can accommodate, without compromising on ease of use for staff.

In Nationwide’s case, Traka has made a significant difference from an operational perspective. The main resolution being staff no longer need to solely manage keys, and instead, they can focus on servicing members needs more efficiently. Nationwide has total peace of mind they have a secure and accurate audit trail of all keys, across every branch in its network.”

For more information on Traka’s specialist key management solutions for retail banking, please visit our Finance page.