Bolton College Case Study

Traka intelligent lockers are saving teachers and students up to 20 minutes at the beginning of each lesson at Bolton College.

The College has installed 200 laptop lockers along the corridors of its campus to encourage students to study outside of the classroom. This approach, also known as flipped learning, means students can use the lockers to charge the devices and read up on specific subjects before lesson time.

With fully charged laptops, students can watch related videos and read up on a particular subject, saving up to 20 minutes at the start of each lesson because teachers do not have to give an introduction and so can begin teaching immediately.

The lockers charge the laptops so that students do not have to waste time trying to find a power source and they increase accountability. They also help the College protect its investment and manage the use and misuse of the equipment. If devices are broken, damaged, lost or stolen, the Traka system notifies staff through its database, showing who has taken what and whether it has been returned.

Previously, laptops were not always readily available at the College and they were stored behind a locked door, making them redundant.

Another benefit of installing the lockers is that more students are using the devices in the College’s canteen,library and flexible spaces meaning the students are staying in College for longer periods of time rather than leaving and potentially not returning. Railton Knott, IT and Operations Manager, said: “There has been a massive increase of use of the laptops because students can use them while learning in the classroom and also when they don’t have a class, like at break time for example.

“We have also seen students leaving the site less frequently because they want to use the laptops. This is encouraging because it means they are more likely to stay in College for the whole day.”