C-Cure 9000


Now your C-Cure 9000 system can manage access to your business keys, physical assets, and removable items such as laptop computers, radios, PDA’s, test equipment and more.

With our integration to C-Cure 9000 from Software House, administrators can now enrol C-Cure 9000 users into the Traka database, grant access levels to our key cabinets and intelligent lockers, and receive Traka events and alarms back into C-Cure 9000 for seamless day to day operation of our key and asset management solutions.


  • Seamless integration allowing Traka system administration from familiar C-Cure 9000 environment
  • Significant reduction in administration overhead and consistent data between Traka and C-Cure 9000
  • Individual and Group Level updates to the Traka system in real-time
  • Traka events and alarms exposed to C-Cure 9000 in real-time
  • Control of cardholder facility and area access based on Traka key or asset status – e.g. employees cannot leave site unless keys are returned to Traka
  • Single credential used for both door access and keys or assets secured in Traka

C-Cure 9000 users now become accountable for items they have checked out and ensure that they are returned immediately after use and any damage is reported promptly.