Process control


Every organisation has its own processes and procedures - but when it comes to industry and manufacturing, be it food production, pharmaceuticals, car assembly, power stations, mining or the petrochemical industry to name a few, there are very strict procedures to adhere to ensure both compliance and safety. Safety to protect and safeguard the plant, the quality of the product, and the well being of the staff. Compliance to ensure that industry regulations are adhered to.

Most processes require steps to be taken in sequence, they may be as simple as making sure the power is locked down before maintenance work can proceed, however the dangers associated with these tasks can be detrimental to staff safety and the need to ensure that there are no errors in the process. This is where Traka can help eliminate human error by automating your process enforcement.

One example is our lockout-tagout solution, only engineer supervisors can access keys to power down the electricity. Once this has been done, each engineer removes a key from the cabinet to highlight that they are actively working in the hazardous environment. Only when all the engineers keys are back in the cabinet will the system allow the supervisor to return the key to the system which can automatically power the mains.