Key management solutions

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Keys are an important asset in any organisation giving you access to highly sensitive areas, machinery and vehicles. Traka key management systems only allow authorised users to access these keys, ensuring they remain accounted for at all times.

Hold staff members accountable for sensitive keys by ensuring that only authorised users are allowed access to the key cabinet - and only then, to designated keys. Traka key systems automatically records when a key is used and by whom on a database. Traka systems also maintain a simple to use, yet effective, fully audited history of all your key transactions which are made available for quick display via the software reporting function. Secure your keys to physical assets including buildings, facilities, equipment and vehicles and avoid keys going missing, getting misplaced or getting into the wrong hands.

The problem with conventional keys is that they are hard to manage and track - at best they will be behind a security desk where staff will issue them, making notes and collecting signatures (many quite illegible). But often, in less security minded complexes, they will be in a manager’s cupboard, left hanging on hooks or even locked in a desk drawer. Who controls access to these keys-  and, more importantly, the buildings, facilities, equipment, confidential paperwork or vehicles that they give access to?

Keys may not be a high value item to replace but when you consider what the keys are controlling, they could be the most precious assets within the company. Keys could be linked to drug cabinets, car keys, sensitive documentation or even access to hazardous areas… if these get into the wrong hands, not only is it an expensive process to change all the locks, but it is also breaching security and safety standards.

'Clever keys' vs conventional keys

Traka's solution is simple. Keys, or keysets, are permanently attached using a tamper proof security seal to a metal iFob. The iFob is an extremely strong nickel plated brass cylinder, which contains an electronic chip, giving it a unique identity. Thus, the keys are effectively electronically tagged. The iFob, with keys attached, locks into a receptor strip within the key cabinet until released by an authorised user.

Two immediate benefits:

  • Keys no longer need to be labelled - so if they get dropped or lost, there is no immediate identity issue and security risks are minimised.
  • Keys are available 24/7 but to authorised staff only - so there is no issue about leaving keys unattended should the manager be off-duty or away on holiday.

“It’s quite amazing how quickly keys get returned when users know they are both accountable and traceable.”

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