Access control


Effective access control managing who can gain access to rooms, buildings, secure areas, even vehicles and equipment, is easily achieved using Traka's proven intelligent key management systems. Traka systems integrate with numerous existing access control platforms for seamless and efficient control using an interface familiar to your users.

Traka offers two alternative solutions both offering similar levels of access control and flexibility:

  • Simple access control - using Traka’s patented iFob as an electronic key providing access to specific areas or resources
  • Integrated access control  - linking conventional key management with your existing 3rd party access control systems

Control access to properties, facilities, buildings, secure areas, transport yards, or remote or unmanned sites such as reservoirs, water towers or mobile telephone masts through Traka systems. Traka access control solutions are widely used by banks and computer centres to provide controlled access to their data server racks. In a different manner, they are also widely used to restrict keys and control access in secure hospitals, prisons, detention and immigration centres.

One of the big issues faced by organisations such as prisons is ensuring that they are not 'key compromised' - that is a key taken off the premises, either accidentally or deliberately, where it could be copied.  Should this occur, master keys and all the associated locks have to be changed often costing thousands, if not tens of thousands, of pounds. With our access control solution, you can stop individuals leaving site while they are still in possession of a sensitive key.

Traka key management systems can integrate with most existing 3rd party access control systems - examples include:

When integrated with Traka, the access control system communicates in real-time and the Traka system forces the user to return his or her keys. If the user attempts to leave the building without having first returned their keys, their exit is denied.