Mining and Petrochemical


Traka Africa provides bespoke lockout-tagout solutions to the mining and petrochemical sectors. Our solutions make use Traka’s hardware and software married to a conventional PC and a 15” touch screen built as a ‘custom pod’.

These systems augment very strict, globally accepted safety procedures, to ensure that no one working on a ‘shutdown/maintenance lockout’ is put in danger due to putting live a system that is still being worked on.

The custom pods are connected to Traka S and L Series cabinets and to date we have nearly 100 systems running at SASOL plants all over South Africa and at National Oil refineries, Swakop Uranium and Skorpian Zinc in Namibia. Traka Africa also provides ‘explosives key management’ solutions for the largest Gold, Platinum and Iron Ore mines in the world.

Incorporating Abloy’s CLIQ key and Micro switch locks into 150 Ton to 250 Ton, haul-trucks, drill rigs and general heavy duty trackless machinery, together with Traka key management systems, our customers are able to ensure that only the correct driver, with all his/her operating credentials may remove the correct key, for the task at hand, whilst providing a secure system to manage illegal, on-site key handovers.