South African Youth Day 2021


This Youth Day #TrakaAfrica made a difference by supporting the Cradle of Hope Community Feeding Scheme in collaboration with volunteers from Ritmia. Together, #TrakaAfrica and Ritmia volunteers made 3200 sandwiches and donated 4000 oranges to feed hundreds of hungry, young mouths.

The first step to empowerment is to care. By providing for the basic needs of children, we help to lay the first building blocks to a better future for South Africa.

On 16 June South Africans commemorate the Soweto Uprising, which took place on 16 June 1976. Thousands of students were ambushed by the apartheid regime on that day. Today, 45 years later, Youth Day reminds us to care for, nurture and empower our youth, as they hold our country's future in their hands. “As a young South African, full of pride and hope that our country will rise above our past, Youth Day is a celebration of the potential and power of our youth to create positive influences and shape our country’s future,” says Maxine Gray, a board member of imagine.nation, an NPO focusing on early childhood development and entrepreneurship in rural communities. 

The Cradle of Hope plays a big role in empowering youth as well as less fortunate, aged, disabled, jobless, and uneducated persons. Their mission is to create and facilitate an environment to care for and mentor these people through a care centre where they will be provided with safe housing, healthy nutrition, medical services, education skills training, job creation, creative recreation, and spiritual development on a sustainable basis. 

#TrakaAfrica is happy to be able to sponsor and volunteer at the Cradle of Hope Community Feeding Scheme for Youth Day. How are you celebrating South African #YouthDay2021

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