Cruise line secures ship-shape key management with Traka

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Ensuring safety and security of all who work and experience award-winning cruise facilities, a world leading leisure travel company has secured key management across its fleet with Traka.

The integration sees Traka specialist key management systems integrated into a complete fleet, ensuring compliance to the Cruise Vessel Security and Safety Act 2010 (Kerry Bill) in allowing only authorised staff access to dedicated areas on a bespoke curfew management system.

Speaking about the integration, a representative from the cruise company said:

Cruise holidays are undeniably growing in popularity, as they give our guests the opportunity to experience being on board a floating city. For the UK and Irish market, the number of ocean cruises taken last year reached over two million for the first time, hitting a record 2,009,000 in 2018.

We have a necessary duty of care to ensure the high level of security and protection of our guests throughout their stay on any one of our luxury ships.  Traka designed a bespoke key management solution that was simple to integrate and minimise interference with everyday operations to ensure not only compliance to cruise security but also an ability to capture audit control on every key in operation amongst our staff.

Together we believe this is a key step to improve ship safety and provide transparency and consistency, alongside dedicated accountability amongst all our staff.  And in partnership, we can create an environment whereby guests can enjoy excellent standards of service throughout their stay on any one of our award-winning fleet.”

Traka worked closely with the technical team to install S-Touch key management systems across its fleets, with bespoke solutions designed per cruise facility.

The dedicated curfew management feature integrated into each system can be set on any key, enforcing staff to return keys by a certain time, with an alert created on any asset that is not back in the allocated timeslot.

The result is improved productivity with lower collection and distribution time on staff handover. And by integrating systems into the cruise management platform, even loggings could be specified on environmental and sustainability credentials in an innovative bid towards showcasing ‘green cruising.”

Ben Farrar, Traka Market Development Manager added:

Cruise ships are undeniably experiencing a booming market, with increased staff and fleets to accommodate demand.  But within this, leading corporations have a role to play in highlighting the significance of compliance to the latest cruise regulation and guest safety.


Traka created a bespoke system, enabling this prestigious fleet to benefit from essential security, including an ability to support authorised staff to control access to different areas, whether it be stock-taking or environmental control.  We are looking forward to continuing our relationship to present various technical innovations and ensure even increased customer satisfaction across a significant cruise community.”