Now CLIQ Web Manager can manage to your business keys digital key control and other integrated systems.

With our integration to CLIQ from ASSA ABLOY Traka gives you seamless day-to-day operation of our key management solutions. Administrators can now automatically enrol CLIQ Web Manager users into the Traka database, assign clearances for access to Traka cabinets for centralized control.

  • Single credential used for both door access and assets secured by Traka
  • Seamless integration allows Traka system administration from familiar CWM environment
  • Automated user enrolment
  • Define Traka user permissions based on CWM rights
  • Significant reduction in administration overhead
  • Complete data integrity between Traka and CWM
  • Individual and group-level updates to the Traka system

For integrated enterprise-level organisations, the CLIQ Web Manager integration gives you the regionalisation necessary for effective and efficient management, without adding any burden to your global, top-level security administration. Traka puts total control right where you need it, giving your keys and equipment the potential to help drive your most critical processes.

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