New features and enhancements in TrakaWEB 3.10

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The TrakaWEB 3.10 release introduces some minor security enhancements and fixes.

This software upgrade includes the following key components:

  • TrakaWEB 3.10.1
  • Traka Touch 2.9.2
  • Integration Engine 2.12.0

All customers with a current software license can be upgraded to these new versions. The key features of this release are:

Enhanced biometric templates encryption

This functionality provides greater encryption of biometric templates to assure customers of compliance with data privacy regulations, ensuring the user’s “right to be forgotten” is correctly observed.

Improvements to ‘Wrong Slot’ behaviour for Basic & Advanced FIFO Lockers

Encouraging users to correct issues resulting from returning items to the wrong compartments in lockers will change behaviours over time, reducing incidents while also saving administrators time in having to resolve them.

Improvements to ‘Wrong Slot’ behaviour for Basic & Advanced FIFO Lockers

Enhanced filtering on ‘Not Seen In A While Report’

This functionality not only makes it easier for the user to find the relevant information they want, it also speeds up generation of the report by only retrieving and presenting records that fall within the specified time period.

Enhanced filtering on ‘Not Seen In A While Report’

Region Assignment enhancements in Active Directory integration

This change optimizes the current Traka Active Directory integration to allow better Region Assignment (All Regions, All Individual Regions, Specific Regions), making it quicker and easier to set up new users when importing them from an Active Directory Organization Unit (OU).

Support for hosting the TrakaWEB database in Microsoft Azure

This change means customers can seek to migrate their databases away from internal servers, removing load from their own infrastructure.


Details on additional enhancements and fixes, along with all documentation and software downloads are available to registered software users on our support website.