New features and enhancements in TrakaWEB 3.7.1

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We are happy to announce the release of a significant upgrade to our enterprise administration software, TrakaWEB. This release includes a number of defect fixes as well as the introduction of new functionality to enhance accessibility, auditing, user permissions and system administration.

This software upgrade includes the following key components:

  • TrakaWEB 3.7.1
  • Traka Touch 2.6.1
  • Integration Engine v2.9.0
* Please note that this latest upgrade for TrakaWEB also requires upgrading the Integration Engine to v2.9.0 for customers using an integration.

In addition to a number of fixes and security enhancements, TrakaWEB 3.7.1 offers the following signififant feature additions:

Support for Single Sign-On via OpenID ConnectOpenID Connect Logo

OpenID Connect (OIDC) is an industry standard authentication protocol for enabling Single Sign-On user authentication, to give users one login for multiple sites or browser-based applications such as TrakaWEB. OpenID Connect makes it simpler for organizations to manage user access to multiple applications by removing the need for the user to remember multiple sets of login credentials.

Enhanced Audit Reporting of Users, User Groups and Item Access Groups

Audit Reporting functionality provides the ability for system administrators to have access to a record of administration
changes that are made in a system. This makes it possible to monitor, identify and trace user actions in case fraudulent or suspicious activity is suspected. Audit reporting is now mandated in many industries for legal and/or regulatory compliance reasons.

In this release, the enhanced audit trail capability concentrates on capturing history of changes to Users, User Groups and Item Access Groups and displaying them in the History tab. This ensures a sufficient level of granularity, while providing the foundation for further audit report improvements coming in a future release. It means that customers can now be assured that they can keep track of major user access changes and readily identify any anomalies or suspicious activities.

Item Authorization on removal by User from a different Group

This functionality allows authorization to be required by a nominated authorizer belonging to a different user group when removing Items from a Touch system. It provides an additional layer of security, necessary for compliance to regulations in certain sectors as it prevents users from accessing items without a second person approving the item, thus reducing the chance of improper behavior.

Still to come in the future... This functionality will be extended in a future release to enable item authorization on return by user from a different Group and to grant authorizers specific access to items, so that authorizers can only authorize access to items for which they themselves are granted access.

Introduction of Multi-Select Multi-Edit capabilityMulti Select

This is a significant piece of functionality introduced aimed at improving the user experience of system administrators through reducing admin overhead and is the first step in allowing bulk changes to object data from the TrakaWeb UI. It also greatly assists certified technicians during new installations, meaning less time on manual data entry and more time focused on training and getting value from the system.

This first phase release enables customers to select multiple user records at once and apply changes to their access rights at the same time, rather than individually. It is an effective method of making changes to large numbers of users at once to reduce the administration burden.

Still to come in future releases...

  • Bulk deletion of Items on an Item List
  • Bulk creation / deletion of Curfews & Allowances on User Lists
  • Bulk setting of Item Types on an Item List
  • Bulk creation / deletion of Item/iFob Curfews
  • Bulk creation / deletion of iFob Manual Descriptions
  • Edit Item Type to setup Item-related features
  • Edit Item to inherit / override Feature setup from Item Type
  • Edit Custom Messages by Item Type & Override Custom Messages per Item
  • Feature Setup Upgrade - Transfer System Default to Inherit from Item Type
  • Feature Setup Upgrade - Overridden settings to be maintained
  • Remove references to System Default

Creating Software Permissions Groups with restricted Administration Rights

Customers can create Software Permissions Groups with limited Admin rights to enable a Manager to administer the Items, iFobs and Groups within their team, but not have access to other assets. This functionality prevents them from creating other Permissions Groups with higher levels of permissions and then adding themselves to this. This means that system administrators can now delegate administration of Items and iFobs to specific departments, rather than this having to all be managed centrally.

Ability to retrieve Traka Touch Logs from Admin App

Until now, in order to retrieve error logs to help diagnose issues with a Traka Touch device, it was necessary to physically visit the device and download them locally. This new functionality enables administrators to download Touch system log files remotely as a zip file from within the TrakaWEB Admin app.

Ability to encrypt data traffic between SQL database and Business EngineTrakaWEB SQL

This feature enables an encrypted SQL connection between the SQL database server and the TrakaWEB Business Engine, using Transport Layer Security (TLS). This data encryption between makes the database traffic on the network unreadable to third parties, increasing the overall security of the system.

Ability to set Unknown ID & Incorrect PIN Attempts in Traka Touch

With this feature, you can now define the number of incorrect/unknown ID attempts a user can perform before an event is generated. You can also define the number of incorrect PIN attempts a user can input before an event is generated. This functionality was added within TrakaWEB in the last release, but it makes sense for this to also be available locally at the device.

Ability to set passwords on ZIP files when exporting Logs

With this new feature, it is now possible to apply a password to the ZIP file that is produced when exporting the system log files from the Touch device to a USB drive. This functionality adds an extra layer of security to protect potentially sensitive information as it is being exported onto an external USB drive, and prevent it being accessed if it is lost or taken.

TrakaWEB Browser and Operating System Support Notifications

We are withdrawing support for the Windows 7 Operating System, in line with Microsoft’s own support policy (extended support ceased on 14th January 2020). We are also removing all Windows 7 support information from our literature and user documentation. Our intention is to maintain alignment of support with Microsoft’s own support policy unless otherwise advised.

* Note that TrakaWEB is also supported on Microsoft Edge on Windows OS PCs and the Safari browser on MacOS.

All documentation and software downloads are available to registered software users on our support website.