TrakaWEB 3.14 Software Release

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August 20, 2021

TrakWEB 3.14 includes a mix of major, minor and customer requested specific features.

Major New Features

  • Advanced First In First Out (FIFO) on Key Cabinets

    Allow authorized users to select more than one type of item in the same key cabinet, and only take out up to the permitted allowance for each Item type. This feature also ensures a fairer and more proportionate use of assets such as vehicles and plant and machinery, maximizing efficiency of usage and service intervals.
  • Introduction of Scheduled Reports

    Simplifies and automates the process of creating and sharing targeted management information to multiple recipients from within TrakaWEB to a schedule, freeing up valuable time from doing repetitive tasks and ensuring information reaches managers on time every time, without requiring human intervention.
  • Temporary Key Store

    Enable a user to remove an iFob from a primary cabinet and place it in a nominated temporary key store before entering another location. Useful in locations where it would be inadvisable or against protocol to carry those keys, ensuring user safety is not compromised and enabling compliance with organizational policies or protocols.

System Improvements

  • Item Booking/ Book for Others

    Provides absolute flexibility over how much access you give to users around making bookings and prevents users from being able to make fraudulent bookings for themselves or others, thus preventing abuse of the system or enabling access to equipment or keys that are not relevant.
  • Auto Open All Key Cabinet Doors on Login

    Users can now opt to open all key cabinet doors to which they have access rights at once, rather than manually selecting each door they wish to open, saving time each time they visit the Touch device.
  • Extend Vault Pairing to 6 Pairs

    Split up large bunches of keys and spread them across more “Vault Pairs”, making smaller bunches that are easier to handle and manage.
  • Unified Installer

    More easily perform an installation of TrakaWEB or its individual component parts with a simple-to-use Setup Wizard, providing greater flexibility in what you choose to install.
  • Updated Time / Date Controls on Traka Touch

    More quickly and easily alter the date, time and time zone settings on the Traka Touch device using slider-based Setting Controls similar to those on a mobile phone.
  • IPv6 support for Traka Touch & 16-bit systems

    Supporting the use of Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) addresses across the TrakaWEB and Touch system (as well as 16-bit systems) including: the Communications, Business and Integration Engine, Systems Settings in the Admin app and the Network Administration Settings on Traka Touch.
  • SNMPv2 support on Traka Touch

    We now provide increased security and assurance for communication between devices, with support for the use of SNMPv2 with Traka Touch systems running OS v4.4 and above for iMX28 systems and OS v5.4 for iMX6 systems. 
  • Improved differentiation of certain iFob position icons on Traka Touch
    User interface improvements to make the difference between curfew, status and fault status icons clearer and easier to understand for all users including color blind and sight-impaired users.

Integrations and API Enhancements

  • Exposing the ‘Distance’ and ‘Fuel Level’ event data via the Integration API

    This functionality extends the Event Data items that are exposed via the API to include: Distance (trip), Distance (total) and Fuel Level (%). This ensures this data can be shared with other applications such as HR and fleet management systems.
  • Edit Item Bookings via API

    More quickly and easily update live Item Bookings directly from within your integrated HR, Access Control or Security system, rather than logging into TrakaWEB to action this change.
  • Cardholder Card Selection in Symmetry Integration

    For users with multiple Symmetry access cards, the integration with Symmetry will now import the newest card number - by checking the Active Date. This will save significant time by preventing the manual deletion of older card records.
  • Select badge based on Issue Code in OnGuard Integration

    Have greater choice and control over which credentials are used to determine which users you will import, by now being able to select a card based on its issue code. 


    Details on additional enhancements and fixes, along with all documentation and software downloads are available to registered software users on our support websiteExisting customers should have access to the latest release. For further information Contact Us