Reduce Facility Downtime with Centralized Management

For fleet managers or engineering administrators, downtime is the largest source of lost time, resources and productivity.

How Traka’s intelligent key and equipment management systems help distribution industries run on time.

For fleet managers or engineering administrators, downtime is the largest source of lost time, resources and productivity.  Logistics and distribution companies often  underestimate their downtime due to the use of manual internal operating systems,

Logistics and distribution administrators must ask themselves if they are effectively tracking their own assets as well as their global shipments.  For instance, when it comes to   changing hands of vehicle keys, operators must have controlled driver access, permissions and notifications.  It is essential to integrate people, processes and equipment for secure and efficient logistics.

Controlled Fleet Access

Traka key cabinet with keys insideThere are hundreds of different moving pieces in a distribution facility: fleet vehicles, keys, heavy equipment, pooled devices and tools.  Each of those devices has a specific access level for different personnel within the facility.  Thus, supervisors must safely secure and dispense company collateral with ease.  With Traka’s intelligent key cabinets and locker systems, one can easily gain control and visibility over personnel’s access to sensitive areas, and use of equipment, devices and more. 

Logistics runs on smooth and timely operations; wondering who has which key or what access level leads to lost time and resources.  When a driver checks out a key from the Traka key cabinet, the database automatically records the transaction with the following:  user identification, time-stamp, purpose, specific vehicle tag and any other customized information.  This creates accountability and visibility over daily activities – moving internal logistics forward at a faster pace.

Furthermore, Traka’s intelligent key management fosters accountability for drivers and fleet operators.  Traka’s iFob is a strong and reliable IP67 rated nickel-plated brass cylinder containing a uniquely identifiable electronic chip.  It locks into a receptor strip within the key cabinet where only authorized users can release keys.  The iFob is used to uniquely identify each and every key set, allowing companies to create very specific access permissions, enabling the adaptability needed to be effective in any logistics environment.

Benefits of Traka’s Fleet Management:

  • 24/7 availability to authorized staff only
  • Automatically add and remove users and set access permissions
  • Generate service and maintenance requests
  • Instantly identify unreturned keys
  • See which user has accessed a key and when
  • Notifications via email and SMS text alters of critical events
  • Integrate with existing 3rd party systems

Logistics for Unplanned Downtime

Logistics infographicUnplanned downtime can happen at any time in a distribution facility.  Common categories of unplanned downtime include excessive tool or job changeover, and lack of operator and unplanned machine maintenance.  When workers are constantly switching from one task to another that requires the use of  several devices within a day, it’s imperative to have a secure, tracking storage system to mitigate the threat of unplanned downtime.

Traka’s intelligent locker solutions and Traka Web management software can control access and trace the journey of every single device in a facility.  As with fleet management, Traka’s locker system brings the same control over laptops, tablets, radios, PDAs and other dynamic devices.

Benefits of Traka’s Equipment Management:

  • Authorized and controlled equipment access
  • Traceable assets – 100% accountability
  • Lower operating costs with less time spent searching for assets
  • RFID tagging enables tracking, usage and notifications
  • Third party system integration to drive processes and reduce administration overhead
  • Integrated power charging and data connections ensure devices are always ready

The Bottom Line – Reduce Downtime, Drive Productivity

In a distribution facility, the life of a customer’s order is tracked from the transaction’s creation through every step of the journey to its final destination.  Shouldn’t your internal tracking system be just as comprehensive? With Traka’s fleet management, iFobs, proximity readers and web-based administration, distribution and logistics companies can achieve stream-lined internal operations and reduce unplanned (and unwanted) downtime. 

Keep distribution and logistics on-time, on-schedule and on-budget.

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