Snow, Ice, & Everything Nice. Protect Your Vehicles with a Fleet Management System That's Built to Last


According to the United States Department of Transportation, travel to a destinations 50 miles or more away increases by 54% over Thanksgiving weekend and by 23% during Christmas and New Year’s.

How to protect your ice management fleet this holiday season with Traka.

According to the United States Department of Transportation, travel to a destinations 50 miles or more away increases by 54% over Thanksgiving weekend and by 23% during Christmas and New Year’s.  During this massive migration of people and vehicles, the weather starts to cool down bringing snow, ice, sleet and everything in between. This combination of inclement weather and moving people can cause delays to travelers and commuters, and create expensive disruptions to countless businesses that rely on the roads being cleared each day. 

We all count on reliable snow plow companies to clear the way for us each winter season. If fleets are not prepared—down for maintenance, switching drivers, lost keys—to salt the roads or plow the snow away, it can create situations that are not only inconvenient to the public, but also potentially dangerous.

In our latest Traka blog post, we discuss how centralized, intelligent key management provides the ideal foundation for safe, smooth fleet operations.

Get the fleet on the street faster

As the winter approaches, municipal and commercial snow plow companies are gearing up for the harsh and unpredictable season. They need to be prepared at any moment to react to changing conditions, and send their fleet out to clear the streets and neighborhoods. These operations include not only snow plows, but salt and sand spreaders, snowblowers, shovels, power brooms and sidewalk vehicles. 

Traka Key CabinetSuch critical equipment needs to be readily available for drivers and engineers to operate when the ice and snow hits the curb. When it comes to managing access to such equipment, operators should consider Traka’s intelligent fleet management solutions. While our key cabinets provide controlled and automated access to vehicle and equipment keys, our software provides a suite of features to properly manage and monitor your critical equipment.

Here’s how it works:  When an authorized driver checks out a key from the Traka key cabinet, the database automatically records the transaction with the following:  user identification, time-stamp, purpose, specific vehicle tag and any other customized information. This creates accountability and visibility over daily activities – getting snow plows out on the streets without wasting time.

Intelligent key management

There are many repercussions to weather related delays in a city or community. People are late to work or school.  As people gear up for their holiday travels, the roads need to be cleared in a timely fashion for them to make flights, trains or any other time-sensitive transportation.

When the temperature drops and roads are getting iced over, workers must mobilize to help communities continue smooth, normal operations.  Facilitating a vehicle changeover with another worker or waiting for clearance from an overhead supervisor only impairs efficiency. That’s where Traka’s intelligent key management system can help.

Authorized users can access the keys they need in seconds, with every user and item transaction being recorded by the system. This means secure storage, controlled access and total accountability over your staff. You determine who has access to which items, and at what times, and the Traka system runs itself. The best part is you don’t have to compromise safety or security when your business, and your community, expect peak performance.

Benefits of Traka’s Fleet Management:

  • 24/7 access by authorized staff only
  • Set access permissions by user, department, role or region
  • See which user has accessed a key and when
  • Drivers can log faults, mileage, fuel levels or lot locations directly in the system
  • Instantly identify out-of-system or overdue keys
  • Notifications via email and SMS text alters of critical events
  • Integrate with existing 3rd party systems for effortless administration

Safety first: monitor and trace your equipment

One of the greatest threats to department and community safety is simply losing visibility over staff activity with company equipment. Traka solutions empower your municipality to drive an efficient fleet, with improved visibility and 100% accountable users. This intuitive, centralized system reports and records who used what key at what time. It also reports whether or not a key has been returned. Knowing these facts, drivers behave with increased responsibility and efficiency while in possession of fleet vehicles.

Traka can also be integrated into third-party HR, work order or access control systems, for matching access permissions to changes in staffing or employee shift times. This is one of many ways that Traka can help drive a more efficient operation, and react to the quickly changing needs of a brutal winter season.

For more information on Traka Web’s capabilities, view our Software Feature Sheets.

Benefits of Traka’s Equipment Management:

  • Keys and assets are readily available 24/7, to authorized users only
  • Dashboard views provide clear reporting and detailed analytics
  • Full audit capability, retains a complete history of all item and user transactions
  • Multi-lingual user interface
  • Fast to configure and easy to use
  • Centralized control of access to all of your keys and assets

Be prepared for smooth operations all year ‘round

Traka won’t stop working when the snow stops falling.  In the world of city and street maintenance, there is no time for downtime regardless of the season. Traka will deliver to keep your critical vehicles and equipment better protected, resulting in more years of service to your community. Preventive measures to protect your workers and your fleet will only serve to increase your ROI, for years to come.

Season after season, Traka delivers better management of your vehicles and equipment

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