Managing security threats in oil and gas

The regulatory and reporting landscape today is particularly complex for oil and gas companies. Regulatory pressures touch on every part of the business and the cost of noncompliance can be significant.

Traka’s intelligent key and equipment management systems help keep oil and gas industries secure and in compliance.

The regulatory and reporting landscape today is particularly complex for oil and gas companies.  Regulatory pressures touch on every part of the business and the cost of noncompliance can be significant.  Organizations are faced with the challenge of effectively managing OSHA, BSEE, USCG, DOT, EPA, and many other compliance mandates. 


Due to the risk of noncompliance, oil and gas companies can face production delays, cost overruns, unintentional loss of data, and even physical security threats to company assets as a result of malicious activity.  Companies need tools that allow them to respond swiftly to market demands while keeping them in compliance and subsequently reducing exposure to noncompliance and risk.


Worker Assessing Oil RigSafety and security of personnel in oil and gas industries extends beyond just normal everyday processes.  When scheduled maintenance or leak detection and repair (LDAR) audits occur, a Lockout/Tagout procedure is designed to protect workers from accidents in potentially hazardous environments on site.  However, this process is often manual in most organizations, which leaves room for error and inefficiency. 

Traka’s integrated key management systems can ensure that all areas of risk are taken offline until maintenance or audits are complete.  The system is automated, eliminating the risk of error, increasing safety and reducing operational downtime. 

Attendance verification

For supervisors and site operators in the energy sector, it is critical to maintain the highest levels of safety and control at all times.  With Traka’s intelligent key cabinets and locker systems, you can easily gain control and visibility over the use of sensitive areas, equipment, devices and more. 

For instance, when a maintenance worker checks out a key from the Traka key cabinet, a relay is automatically sent to cut power to the hazardous system.  Once work is complete, each engineer returns his/her key to the Traka cabinet.  Only when all keys are securely returned will Traka send another relay to allow the system back online.

Traka Key on a ifob for trackingA lost or misplaced key is a dangerous and costly problem for oil and gas facilities. Traka’s intelligent key management fosters accountability for engineers and operators. Keys are secured using an iFob, a strong and reliable nickel-plated brass cylinder, built to IP67 standards, containing a uniquely identifiable electronic chip.  It locks into a receptor strip within the key cabinet where only authorized users can release it.

Benefits of Traka’s intelligent key management:

  • 24/7 availability to authorized staff only
  • Authenticated users gain immediate access to keys, reducing shift transition and administrative overhead
  • Keys no longer need to be labelled – if dropped or lost, there is no immediate identity issue or security risk
  • Instantly identify unreturned keys
  • See which user has accessed a key and when
  • Notifications via email and SMS text alters of critical events
  • Integrate with existing 3rd party systems

Thre versions of Traka security lockers

Intelligent equipment management

Operators and workers on site use highly sensitive and expensive equipment every day.  When workers are constantly switching from one task to another, using several devices within a day, it’s imperative to have a secure way to track and store each item.

Traka’s intelligent locker solutions and TrakaWEB management software can control access and trace the journey of every single device in a facility.  This can significantly increase productivity, safety, efficiency and accountability within any Oil & Gas working environment.

Benefits of Traka’s equipment management:

  • Authorized and controlled access of equipment
  • Traceable assets leading to fewer losses and theft
  • Lower operating costs with less time spent searching for assets
  • Complete staff accountability
  • RFID tagging enables per-device tracking for accountability and administrative control
  • Third party system integration to drive processes and reduce administration overhead

Process control; the key to security and compliance

The bottom-line for any operator in the oil and gas industry, is not only external safety, but also internal safety.  On top of that, operators must keep abreast of current and evolving compliance mandates such as EPA, OSHA, USCG, etc.  Traka’s highly secure and intelligent equipment management systems offer constant surveillance, tracking, reporting and testing for the best integration of people and equipment on site.  Secure internal operations assure oil and gas facilities that their security and safety solutions are not only up to current challenges but able to adapt to any challenges that may come their way in the future.


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