Keeping Sights on Security: 3 Ways Smart Lockers Keep Weapons Secured


Here’s how Traka’s smart locker solutions keep weapons monitored and ensure user accountability.


When managing and maintaining firearms as a public safety, law enforcement or security director, accountability is top priority. On a day-to-day basis, a business should be able to answer questions such as: “Who was the last person to check out this firearm? When and where was it used, and for how long? Is this firearm still in top condition? Am I successfully controlling firearm access to ensure safety?”

If you aren’t able to answer these questions, the time is now. Auditing daily operations and implementing a streamlined accountability plan keeps you ahead of the game with less weight on your shoulders.

Traka understands that weapon accountability safety is serious business. That’s why our solution is RFID smart lockers, intelligent systems that make weapon tracking easy and automated. Here are three ways Traka locker solutions can help ensure a safer environment.

1.       Control User Access

The first concern about having weapons and firearms is that they will fall into the wrong hands. However, controlling user access is more than just securing weapons in a locker. In law enforcement, you need to make sure the right people can get access to weapons quickly and efficiently without compromising security in the process.

Instead of relying on manual methods of regulating weapon use, Traka’s intelligent locker systems can be configured and administered by Traka Web software. These systems can determine user access based on the individual profiles of each user, making it easy to set permissions and curfews for full control over your operations.

In other words, only authorized users will have access to ammunition and guns such as pistols, rifles, SMG’s and hand guns, which are stored in locked compartments. You can also require certain keys or forms of authorization such as badges and customize access rules, such as requiring a second form of authorization.

2.     Improve User Accountability

User accountability is a critical concern when it comes to monitoring weapons. Even if the right people have access to your weapons, you want to make sure they are using those weapons responsibly and storing them in a timely manner.

Traka’s RFID technology allows identification tagging so you know, 24/7, what weapons have been checked out and who is handling them. No need to distribute keys or rely on users to sign out arms to track who has which asset; our systems fully automate the process.

All user activity is reported in data-integrated systems, allowing managers to monitor and keep track of user responsibility and confirm if arms have been returned or not. Users can be identified through a uniquely generated PIN, access badge or biometrics, which provides the highest level of security. This not only creates full transparency over operations, but it also creates an environment of total user accountability and responsible weapons usage.

3.      Enhanced Integration

Traka integrated lockers are ideal solutions for weapons management, since they can communicate with access control or HR systems to automatically manage users, access permissions, schedules and more. By integrating Traka Web software to existing systems, Traka can effectively extend the reach of your existing security systems to the most valuable, sensitive or dangerous assets at your facility. For instance, you can restrict users from leaving an area until they return a weapon into the original compartment, or automatically revoke access based on a role change, department reassignment or termination of employment from a third-party system.

Traka Touch and Traka Web have an easy learning curve and are available to users in over 20 languages. From a single PC, you have the administrative power to manage systems across a single department, an entire region, or your enterprise operation around the globe. Traka offers reliable integrations with popular technologies such as Lenel, S2 Security, Open Options, AMAG Technology, Software House and more.

Did you know that a user can let the system know there is an issue with a weapon? With the Fault Logging feature in conjunction with Traka Web, the system will lock down a critically faulty weapon until it is repaired and the fault is cleared. A user can then identify the reason for checking out a weapon with the Reason Logging feature, whether it be for regular patrol, a special event, an active shooter situation, etc. 

Want to see how it works? Discover how Traka integrations helped the Rochester Institute of Technology manage its long gun inventory in the case study video below. The solution is biometric user authentication, fault and reason logging features, and the integration of their Lenel access control system for streamlined administration.


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