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Prevent Fatal Accidents with Secure Weapons Storage

It’s an unfortunate reality that Americans are more likely to die from a gunshot than from skin cancer in the United States. According to the US Department of Labor, in 2010 there were 16,910 non-fatal assaults and violent acts at private workplaces.

These statistics are unsettling particularly when your workplace is one where access to weapons and other sensitive assets is necessary, such as a police department.


Without proper security for those assets, your workplace has higher risk of:

  • Physical and psychological harm
  • Loss of property and productivity
  • Increased litigation

One way of enforcing workplace safety is through secure weapons storage and management.

Controlling who has access to sensitive assets is something Traka specializes in. Traka also helps enforce their use with procedures that increase employee accountability for using these weapons.

Controlling Access to Weapons & Sensitive Assets

The first step to keeping your employees safe from gun violence is making sure any weapons you have are secured and inaccessible to everyone except the necessary personnel.

This is where Traka’s intelligent lockers shine. When not in use, your guns and other weapons can be safely stored within a locker compartment, where they’re only available to authorized users. Access permissions can be changed by management as needed through the HR database.

Not only can you decide who is able to access these items, you can also determine the windows of their asset availability. This prevents employees from having off-duty access to your guns or other sensitive assets.

Traka has different access methods available depending on your needs, including biometric readers, access badges or PIN codes. This way, you can still swiftly access your items as needed, making sure you don’t sacrifice expediency for safety.

Creating Accountability

The more accountable an employee is for an asset, the more careful they are in how they handle it. This is especially true for sensitive assets like guns and other weapons.

Traka’s 24/7 audit trail allows you to see when an asset was accessed, by whom, and where it currently is located. This automatically logs every item transaction so that there is clear accountability for asset use.

Through Traka’s deep integrations, you can also restrict a user from leaving your workplace until their sensitive asset is returned. This way, all your assets are safely locked and secured away when needed.

Curfew notifications will be sent out to inform management if any sensitive asset has not been returned on time, keeping everyone informed on when and where these assets are at all times.

Additional Security Benefits

While this article talks about Traka’s use for weapon safety, it’s also a good way of tracking the use of other necessary devices. Traka’s customization options can cater to a variety of security needs for your unique workplace.

For example, body camera lockers can assist a police agency by ensuring that devices are always charged and automatically downloading footage through a Traka smart integration. You can keep crime evidence tamper-proof by preserving automatic digital records of any device access.

No matter your security needs, Traka is prepared to help you create a safer and more accountable workplace.

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