5 Benefits of Managing Your Body Worn Cameras with Traka Lockers

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Get Better Accountability & Equipment Management

Body cameras are increasingly becoming a part of many high-profile organizations and security units as a way of keeping employees accountable. However, certain problems can develop when managing body worn cameras, such as:

  • Having to assign an employee to manually issue and return devices
  • Losing track of devices between shifts and delaying startup times
  • Inability to consistently know which device is in use by whom

For that purpose, Traka developed its Body Worn Camera Lockers.

These Body Worn Camera Lockers can accommodate standalone systems or fully integrated solutions which can scale globally, allowing you to work with a range of body cam devices from leading manufacturers.

Here are five benefits of using Traka’s Body Worn Camera Lockers.

1. Increased Accountability

Securely automated lockers have the initial benefit of controlling who has access to your devices. This isn’t only a matter of security; it’s also a matter of financial accountability. Body cameras have a fairly high cost, so it’s in your best interest to limit their access to only the people trained to use them, lest they break or get stolen.

Traka has multiple access methods to choose from, so you can pick the one best suited to your organization and track exactly who has what device at what time.

2. Improved Asset Longevity

Pooled devices see an increase in longevity once users are held accountable for how they use them. With Traka, your body cameras can be individually tagged with RFID solutions, allowing management to track when devices are in use and when they are returned. Keeping your asset under constant surveillance effectively decreases the amount spent on replacing broken devices every year.

3. Smoother Operations
The higher accountability for asset use means your body cameras last longer, but it also means the next person to use the pooled device will have a faster start-up time due to knowing where the device is when their shift begins. This makes for smoother operations, and also eliminates time spent chasing down lost assets or manually logging them when each shift begins and ends. Traka’s locker system automates it all for you.

4. Cameras Charged & Ready-for-Use

Traka’s “First-In, First-Out” function makes sure that the most charged assets are the ones dispersed first. With Traka’s integrations, your body worn cameras can continuously charge while not in use, ensuring you always have devices ready for use when a shift begins.

5. Automatic Data/Footage Uploading

Part of Traka’s custom integrations include automatic data/footage upload for your body camera. This gives you a tamper-proof collection of camera footage where the process is automated and recorded without an opportunity for loss of data integrity. If you are interested in having this feature integrated into your body worn camera locker, talk with us at Traka about your camera and software functionality.

Traka is familiar with adjusting its lockers for a variety of body worn camera applications, including: prison guards, educational establishments, transport operators, security & law enforcement, emergency services and lone workers.

Regardless of your industry’s use for body worn cameras, Traka’s modular lockers can assist you with flexible framework that can be tailored to your needs.

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