Traka Helps Car Dealerships Secure Their Inventory


Imagine local authorities alerting you to dozens of stolen vehicles from your inventory that you didn’t even know were stolen.

That’s what happened to owners of the Infiniti and Nissan of South Bay dealership owners in Torrance, CA. When police apprehended just 1 of 15 people in a massive car theft operation, the thieves had already stolen about 45 cars from the 650-car overflow lot, and the owners hadn’t even noticed.

How did this happen? Simple – they broke into the lockbox on each vehicle and took the keys.

The owners have lost a significant amount of their inventory, have to pay nearly $30,000 in insurance deductibles, and must invest in 24-hour security to prevent this from happening again. Read about the incident here.

Fortunately, this can all be avoided with Traka Key Management solutions. Not only can Traka help better secure the keys for your inventory, but also provide features to manage the transfer of keys for fleet and customer service vehicles. Traka can provide your auto dealership with capabilities, such as:

  • Automated and controlled access to authorized keys, which are distributed from a secure, software controlled-cabinet
  • Individual staff or vendor recognition ensures unique, up-to-the-minute access permissions
  • Reduce loss by auditing and accounting for every key set, every minute of the day
  • Automatically alert and notify an administrator or manager when a key set is removed, or not returned on time
  • Can be integrated with existing systems for reduced administration and to drive daily processes
  • Prevent staff from clocking out until keys are safely returned
  • Mileage, location and fuel logging for better fleet visibility

To learn more about Traka solutions for auto dealerships, visit our website.